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  • Retailers Seek to Conserve Energy to Cut Costs
    Retailers use about 20 percent of the energy consumed by all commercial businesses, and they are the fastest-growing commercial category of energy users, according to the Department of Energy.




  • THE ENERGY RUSH; U.S. Inches Toward Goal Of Energy Independence
    American oil and gas industry is vastly increasing production, reversing two decades of decline; using new technology and spurred by rising oil prices since the mid-2000s, industry is extracting millions of barrels more a week; at same time, Americans are pumping significantly less gasoline; taken together, the increasing production and declining consumption have unexpectedly brought the United States markedly closer to independence from foreign energy sources. Graphs, Photos

  • Russia Struggles to Curb Energy Waste
    Economics, not environmental qualms, have won backing for an energy efficiency drive, but progress grinds against grass-roots skepticism and entrenched attitudes.

  • International Interest Grows in Green-Building Certification
    As companies and governments look to burnish their environmental credentials, many are devoting extra time and money to certifying their buildings as green, which they see as a badge of quality.

  • Take the Subway
    How can we keep growing without consuming more resources?



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