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Better Home Inspection and Energy Auditing Companies listed on this site as ABI Contractors provide an excellent service and opportunity for homeowners and business property owners to get a comprehensive overview and suggestions from the inspector as to the areas or upgrades that you may need that would be the most cost effective and have the shortest payoff period.

Consistently, our Membership is proud of the services they offer the communities and consumers because they KNOW they are on the front lines of the Energy Efficiency Movement. ABI Contractors also only use BIO-SAFE products and practices in their businesses as well as the latest in diagnostic and installation equipment.

Keeping our Members abreast of the changes in technologies and product innovations has been the Associations primary focus for the past decade and we appreciate your interest in becoming a Home Inspector through the Association.

Did you know that home inspection has become a standard in the home buying process? And that employment is expected to grow 18% through 2016? There's no reason not to say "yes" to a home inspection or energy auditing business as part of your well-rounded value added business. For under $250 you can be trained and certified to position yourself in this green service and income stream.

Insulation Contractors, Builders, Remodelers, Waterproofers and Mold remediation companies find adding Home Inspection or Energy Auditing Services to their businesses a natural and progressive path to growth.

If you would like to be contacted by a Consultant to discuss the viability of starting a new Better Home Inspection or Energy Auditing Business or adding Home Inspection or Energy Auditing Services to your existing business, simply fill out our consultation request form below and you'll receive thought provoking and real data so you can make an informed decision regarding your business goals.

If we may be of any service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Have a well-insulated day!


Douglas Colby, Director

Association for Better Insulation

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