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Why Use ABI Contractors?

Association contractors are the best in the industry – and you can expect high quality work. Whether reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs through the use of Better Insulation, remodeling or new construction using green, sustainable products, or waterproofing your basement or sealing surfaces using the latest technology and Bio-Safe products is your goal, ABI members subscribe to the highest of ethical and professional standards.

ABI members...

  • Have access to over 100 hours of education and industry-specific training and certification programs each year
  • Stay on top of the latest trends in the industry through ABI produced publications
  • Attend some of the best trade shows in the country with ABI discounts.
  • Know how to follow local, state and national codes to make certain that their installation is not only safe, but legal.
  • Abide by the ABI Statement of Business and Ethical Practices

Only when you work with an ABI contractor will you be guaranteed of superior service.

Better Insulation Contractors - Better Green Remodelers - Better Green Builders - Better Green Waterproofers

Better Insulation Contractors listed on this website have access to training and certifications, as well as industry trends and news, which keeps them on the cutting edge of technologies and methodologies to accomplish 4 primary goals efficiently:

  1. Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs 
  2. Create a Healthier Air Quality in Your Residence or Business. 
  3. Save Energy. 
  4. Provide exemplary customer service and support. 
  5. You Get What You Pay For!

Look for this sign when you choose a Better Insulation Contractor!

Better Insulation Contractors follow the rules and install you insulation according to manufacturer's specifications that insure you receive the R-Value and not just the inches that you are paying for! To learn more of the serious and dispicable extent of insulation industry fraud, Why Use ABI Contractors?

Better Insulation Contractors consider your insulation as part of a "whole house system" and may offer suggestions that could further reduce your dependence and reduce the maintenance costs of your structure while adding to comfort and healthiness.

If you produce the same amount of energy you use and sell that back to the electric grid, it is possible to attain net zero energy costs. Granted that is a lofty goal and not practical for many people. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do what you can.

Below is a basic overview of some of the steps to energy independence. Things YOU can do or have done. Just moving up one step reduces humanities dependence on shrinking oil reserves and saves you money, too!

  1. Add Insulation to recommended levels or better. 
  2. Air Seal, Air Seal, Air Seal. 
  3. Upgrade to Energy Rated Windows. 
  4. Provide Shade Trees where feasible. There are inexpensive, fast growing, good looking shade trees you can plant now that will put money in your pocket in a couple of years as they mature. Better then Bonds at this time in history! 
  5. Consider geo-thermal heating and cooling. 
  6. Consider installing solar panels. A relatively unobtrusive, surprisingly small one can provide you with hot water easily. We are just saying START SOMEWHERE. Do something positive for yourself and the economy and the earth!

These are all steps that you can take relatively easily and inexpensively. Pay back periods are small and return is incredible!


You will find links to more information on these considerations individually as well as links to companies that you can get more information from regarding your options.

We try not to promote "hard sell" companies as we believe that the average person is intelligent and will make decisions based on available information. Any company you see represented here will have information they can mail or email you or have a website where further information is available. With the right information, you can make a big difference.

Thank you for choosing Better Insulation and please tell them you saw them here. It helps us provide a better resource for you and the industry in general.

Search for a Better Insulation Company in your area by using the search function at the top left of every page on this site.

Thank you for choosing Better Insulation!

A Note about Geothermal Heating and Cooling and the value of Better Insulation in your considerations

Since the cost of fossil fuels has gone through the roof, ground-source heat pump sales have increased substantially. And no wonder. Homeowners with a geothermal heat pump can save 40 to 60 percent on their utility bills compared with a conventional heat pump. Heating a home can be a quarter of the cost for a homeowner who replaces an oil or propane furnace with a geothermal system.

A geothermal system is usually about a third more expensive than standard heating and cooling systems, mainly because of the cost involved in putting loops into the ground.

While a geothermal unit costs more to install, where you win is in lifecycle costs. The system will pay for the extra installation cost in five to six years, perhaps less if energy costs continue to rise.

Geothermal manufacturers advise, however, against jumping on the geothermal bandwagon without analyzing the home’s current status in terms of air leakage and insulation. “Your house needs to be part of the system,” they explain. “All the money you spend to heat your home can go right out the window if you have leaks and lack proper insulation.

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